The Trust places great importance on recognising the commitment, contributions and achievements of colleagues. There is a monthly award and also an annual awards ceremony where great colleagues are celebrated.


Our Recognising Outstanding Service and Contribution Awards (ROSCAs) highlight the huge contribution and achievements of staff, teams and volunteers across our organisation. The annual awards reflect our core values.

The next event, taking place on 3 March 2017, will mark ten years of celebrating staff talent, skill and innovation and this is your opportunity to nominate an individual, manager, team or volunteer for an award.

If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at last year’s winners below.

Find out more about the ROSCAs and how to nominate someone for an award here.

Last year’s awards

Unsung HeroThe 4 Me About Me Group

The 4 Me About Me Group

This group is made up of five Experts by Experience and together they look at all easy-read documents produced by the trust to ensure they are as accessible as possible to those with learning disabilities.

The group takes this work very seriously and they look at as many leaflets and documents as possible during the year, with each member having a particular task they enjoy.

The work done by this group is having a real impact on the service that other people with learning disabilities receive.

Valuing DiversityValuing Diversity winner - Kathy Holmes and Zain Patel (l-r) Shaun Clee, Kathy Holmes and Darren Adams

Kathy Holmes and Zain Patel

Kathy and Zain have been the key individuals in establishing and maintaining the Gloucestershire Black and Minority Ethnic network related to raising awareness of and supporting people with dementia. Their personalities, demonstrating warmth and a person-centred non-judgemental approach role model the ethos of the group leading to attendees feeling welcome and able to contribute.

Carer and Service User InvolvementCarer and Service User Involvement winners - Greg Luetchford and Eleanor Heath (l-r) Shaun Clee, Greg Luetchford, Eleanor Heath and Ele Semadeni

Eleanor Heath and Greg Luetchford

Greg and Eleanor have been very supportive and enthusiastic regarding Triangle of Care, a modern model of carer engagement and involvement where professional, service user and carer are equal partners. Eleanor put herself forward as the Oak House champion. Greg has been very supportive of both Eleanor and Triangle of Care. Their self-assessment showed the team had truly reflected on how they currently engage, support and involve carers.

Service Users and Carers ChoiceService Users and Carers Choice winner - Lesley Hirons

Lesley Hirons

The person who nominated Lesley said: ‘The work Lesley does is amazing and she deserves to know that all her extra work and support have been recognised’ said the proposer. ‘Lesley has supported me through the darkest time of my life. Without her support I may not even be here today’. ‘She genuinely cares and makes a point of really getting to know you as a person, what makes you tick and what is good for you, even more than you do yourself’.

Award for InnovationAward for Innovation winner - Tina Kukstas (l-r) Shaun Clee, Tina Kukstas and Deborah Evans

Tina Kukstas

Tina has produced a 5 Step Approach to Personalised Care Planning for Behaviours That Challenge in Dementia. This resource will enable clinicians to provide a standardised approach tailored to individuals. Tina has gained Research and Development approval for this approach to be part of a Service Evaluation Study. If behaviours that challenge are better managed, there may be less hospital admissions, less medication prescribed and less distress experienced by service users.

Clinical Team of the YearClinical Team of the Year - Dean Ward

Dean Ward, Wotton Lawn Hospital

Over the years, the staff of Dean Ward have radiated so much warmth, care and compassion for all their patients and colleagues. They present very much as a united front and never falter in delivering care, striving to ensure patients have the confidence they are in safe hands.

Non Clinical Team of the YearNon-Clinical Team of the Year winners - Laurel House Catering and Domestic Team

Laurel House Catering and Domestic Team

This team has worked above and beyond expectations to ensure Laurel House has extremely high standards of cleanliness and food provision. They achieve high inspection results but more importantly they are flexible and receive regular praise and thanks from the service users. All this is achieved without fuss or problems and with a smile, helping to create the relaxed atmosphere so important to aid service user recovery.

Best Supporting ColleagueBest Supporting Colleague Award winner - Jenny Rogers (l-r) Shaun Clee, Jenny Rogers and Patrick Senior

Jenny Rogers

Jenny has always got time to listen to other colleagues’ worries and problems, and provide support when needed. She is able to deal sensitively with situations whilst being attentive to the feelings of colleagues. Always inclusive, encouraging team building and good relationships, she has made coming to work a pleasure even during difficult periods at Oak House.

Best Supporting ManagerBest Supporting Manager Award winner - Damian Gardner (l-r) Shaun Clee, Damian Gardner and Carol Sparks

Damian Gardner

Since being in post, Damian has had a significant positive impact on the psychology team, leading with thought and vision, keeping the team feeling valued and included. He combines a professional approach and dynamic leadership style with a compassionate and approachable manner. He gets the job done and goes over and above what could be expected of his position.

CEO Award for Outstanding Contribution – Mary KeatingCEO Award for Outstanding Contribution winner - Mary Keating (l-r) Shaun Clee and Mary Keating

This award was introduced to recognise significant contribution made by an individual member of the Trust consistently over a period of time, perhaps even across a whole career.

Mary has worked for the mental health services in Gloucester for over 27 years, predominantly working with older people and in particular people with dementia. Her passion, compassion and dedication to improving the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers has been relentless throughout her career.

Working to high quality standards has always been the norm. She is willing to challenge and speak out where she feels this will support the service users and their families and carers.

She has a unique style of delivering key messages about working with people with dementia and their carers, regardless of setting or audience and sets a high standard for those who work alongside her to aspire to. Her inspiration is often referred to and the impression she leaves is a lasting one. People remember her.

The range of initiatives she has been involved in over the years are too numerous to mention but the huge difference she has made through her contribution over the years has been to make dementia fascinating to many, engaging with clinicians to attract them to being interested to find out more about this condition and to generate person centred approaches as the way forward. She refuses to compromise on the key messages that make the difference to living with dementia.

Find out more about the ROSCAs and how to nominate someone for an award here.

Monthly Best Supporting Colleague Award

This award was created due to the fact that so many nominations were being received for the ‘Best Supporting Colleague’ ROSCA. The board therefore decided to create a monthly award, where all the winners then went forward to be considered for the annual award.

Here are some recent winners of the Monthly Best Supporting Colleague award:

Charlotte Hyde, Clinical Systems Team
Dr Karen Poon, Consultant Psychiatrist
Derise Lockey, Ward Housekeeper
Sue Mansfield, Physiotherapy Technician
Rebecca Upton, Medical Education Manager
Alison Bundy, Medical Secretary