Here are some of the people who work for 2gether NHS Foundation Trust.

Board directors

Ruth FitzJohn

Ruth FitzJohn, Deputy Lieutenant – Chair

Shaun Clee

Shaun Clee – Chief Executive

Christopher Fear

Dr Christopher Fear – Medical Director

Colin Merker

Colin Merker – Director of Service Delivery

Jane Melton

Prof. Jane Melton – Director of Engagement & Integration

Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee – Director of Finance and Commerce

Carol Sparks

Carol Sparks – Director of Organisational Development

Marie Crofts

Marie Crofts – Director of Quality

Non-Executive Directors

Charlotte Hitchings

Charlotte Hitchings

Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman

Jonathan Vickers - NED

Jonathan Vickers

John Saunders OBE - NED

John Saunders, OBE

Maggie Deacon

Maggie Deacon

Nikki Richardson

Nikki Richardson

Marcia Gallagher

Duncan Sutherland

Service Directors

Les Trewin – Gloucestershire, Countywide
Jan Furniaux – Gloucestershire
Mark Hemming – Herefordshire
Sarah Batten – Children and Young People Service
Alison James – Working Well

Clinical Directors

Dr Karen Williams – Gloucestershire, Countywide
Dr Martin Ansell – Gloucestershire, North Locality
Dr Jon Haynes – Gloucestershire, Gloucester and Forest of Dean
Dr Mark Scheepers – Gloucestershire, South Locality
Dr Barnaby Major – Herefordshire
Dr Rosemary Richards – Children and Young People Service
Professor Alan Hawley – Working Well
Dr Amjad Uppal – Medical Education